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Evocative and extraordinary: such is Cinque Terre Park. And the best way to get to know it is by walking on its numerous cliff-side tracks, on trails running by small villages and across mountains that decline – abruptly, sometimes – towards the sea rocks and the transparent water. 

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The historical activities of Cinque Terre were agriculture, which drew the famous terraced landscape, and fishing. There was no cellar in Cinque Terre without jars containing anchovies, and the smell of wine and fish merged in a historic symbiosis.

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Local Cuisine

The Ligurian cuisine is a philosophy of simple, genuine life with true and authentic flavours and aromas like its landscapes. It is a poor cuisine and closely linked to the territory and its seasonality. The products that are used are linked to local production and make our dishes unique. It is both sea and land cuisine, according to the natural union of the two souls that distinguish the territory: the coast and the hinterland.

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